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Every age is portrayed by different physiological values and the harmony of the shapes.

The Studio Borbon’s view is oriented on natural result and harmony effect. One view is against the trend of extreme rejuvenation, the impossible promise that ends up making people not younger but plumped with no expressions.
Dr Borbon and his team’s motto is The Aging Management. The aging process can be handled and accompanied restoring volumes and harmony to the face and body features, regenerating tissues whit the most modern techniques without upsetting the distinctive features of each patient.
Our doctors dedicate at least four weeks every year to trainings and refresher courses regarding their specialization field, in the best centres in the world. They participate both as guests and as speakers, and attend the most important conventions in the international scientific community.
Located in the heart of Milan, 100 meters away from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ultima Cena painting, the Studio Borbon is the reference center for the aesthetic-regenerative medicine and surgery in Europe. Studio Borbon has the pleasure to take care of many appreciated international personalities working in fashion, arts and show business industries.

Dr. Giulio Borbon Scientific Director. Aesthetic Surgeon – expert on Regenerative Medicine.

After the italian Medical Degree, Dr. Borbon continued his international professional career with an intensive training on Aesthetic Surgery in Barcellona at the Clinica Planas and the Hospital Cima learning centres. Later he specialized in Regenerative Surgery working thoroughly on Lipofilling, Nano Fat and Massive Fat Grafting techniques mentored by Professor Roger K. Khouri at Miami Breast Center, Miami (Key Biscane, FL). Successively he came back to Italy achieving the prestigious University Master degree into Cosmetic and Morphodynamic Surgery at Milano Humanities Medical School. He worked also in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ward in San Giuseppe Hospital, Milano, Multimedica group.

In 2015 he created and founded the IVEE LAB, the first european intravenous antioxidant support and regenerative medicine service.

The Studio Borbon is the synthesis of his international professional path, vision and many professional collaborations.

Dr Alessandro Ranieri Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon. Expert on Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Alessandro Ranieri, specialized on Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery with Prof. Zoran Arnez , started his professional career at the world famous Servicio de Cirurgia Plastica Estetica of the University of Sao José do Rio Preto in San Paolo, Brasil.
Currently he is a member of the staff of the Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Joao Mansur of Voutopuranga in San Paolo, Brasil, but he also operates in the best centres in the North of Italy and maintains an intensive and constant collaboration with Studio Borbon.

Dr.ssa Claudia Borbon Physical Therapist- pre and post-surgery treatments.

Dr. Claudia Borbon specialized in Technologically advanced therapies, in particular in laser therapies, Multipolar Radio frequencies and non-invasive treatments used in the Studio Borbon for the body reshaping.

Brian Leech pre and post-surgery treatments.

Physical Therapist, expert in sport rehab, massotherapy and lymphatic drainage. He is specialized treatment and cure of surgical patients. Brian Leech follows the physical pre- and post-preparation of the patients. His cures, together with a prompt report to the surgeon, grant the optimization of the surgery and a quick recovery.