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Take part in our live courses and mentoring sessions!

Our advanced Aesthetic Medicine courses are increasingly in demand, the courses are endorsed by MERZ with the highest levels od "hands on" training standard. Write us ans book the next available session.

It is also possible to participate in our mentoring sessions. It is one or two days of practical work and theoretical learning at Studio BorbonĀ® in Milan.

These practical-theoretical sessions will be individual. Mentoring one Doctor in training at a time with Doctor Borbon. You will have the opportunity to learn techniques for using materials and to assist every aspect in the management of an advanced studio like ours in a normal working day.

If you are interested write to for additional info, please put in mail object: MENTORING

Who the courses are for:

. Only to licensed doctors

. Any specialist who wants to learn advanced Aesthetic Medicine techniques

. Foreign doctors (European and non-European) courses are also available in English and Spanish

Upcoming Dates:

  • 2020 sold out!

  • Feb 2021